For Students, These Are the Two Financial Management You Must Do

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Managing Finance is clearly not only for those who already work and have their own income. Managing finance is something that must be done by everyone, including you who are still studying. Being a student certainly requires that you have good financial management. So, know how to manage finances well so that your life is not difficult.

There are several tips that can be used by students to manage finances.

1. Write down any income and expenses you make
Every early week or month, you will be given pocket money by your parents right? Or maybe you get income from the results of your hard work. Record each of these entries. Not only that but also note any money you spend. That way, you will know where your money is flowing.

2. Save all your money in the bank
Parents will definitely send pocket money through your account right? Just save your pocket money in your account. Don’t take your entire account.
You may not be aware if you use it all. Saving pocket money at the bank also prevents your money running out quickly.